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Group Method of Data Handling was applied in a great variety of areas for data mining and knowledge discovery, forecasting and systems modeling, optimization and pattern recognition. Inductive GMDH algorithms give possibility to find automatically interrelations in data, to select optimal structure of model or network and to increase the accuracy of existing algorithms.    (http://www.gmdh.net)  >>

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Our research focuses on inductive modelling - it means that models are build independently, by computer program, from data. Our Group of Adaptive Models Evolution (GAME) proceeds from the GMDH theory. GMDH was designed to automatically generate model of the system in the form of polynomial equations. The original GMDH MIA algorithm is modified in GAME to incorporate heterogeneous units, niching genetic algorithm and ensemble methods.
  ( http://ncg.felk.cvut.cz/)   >>

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What is KnowledgeMiner?
KnowledgeMiner® is a data mining tool that enables anyone to use its unique form of modeling to quickly visualize new possibilities. It is an artificial intelligence tool designed to easily extract hidden knowledge from data. It was built on the cybernetic principles of self-organization: Learning a completely unknown relationship between output and input of any given system in an evolutionary way from a very simple organization to an optimally complex one.
  ( http://www.knowledgeminer.com)   >>

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