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Serhiy Yefimenko

senior researcher of the International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems (IRTC ITS)
of National Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine (NAS and MES of Ukraine)

Short general certificate

Graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" in 2002 and received master's degree in computer sciences by speciality "Intelligent decision making systems". From 2002 till 2005 - graduate student of the International Research and Training Centre for Information Technologies and Systems. From 2001 works in the Department for Information Technologies of Inductive Modelling of the Centre.

Main areas of scientific interests: information technologies of inductive modelling, experimental investigation of modelling methods from data observed.

Basic scientific and practical results

General procedure for complex investigation of modelling methods and its components with the use of statistical experiments is developed.

Recurrent modifications of Gauss and Gram-Schmidt methods for solving of the linear equations systems are for the first time developed. The modifications allow to considerably decreasing the computation time for parameters estimation stage in case of successive complication of models structures.

The functional and dialogue structures of integrated complex of tools for investigation and application of modeling methods from data observed are developed and realized. The computer toolkit is designed for experimental knowledge discovery on comparative advantages and disadvantages of modeling methods and its components. The computer complex has ability to use recurrent parameters estimation for the purpose of efficiency increasing of modeling methods.

Author's methods and toolkit are used by the Institute of natural resources space exploration of the National aerospace agency and National aviation academy of Azerbaijani Republic when modelling the upper sedimentary layer density of the Caspian sea-bottom.

Participating in seminars and conferences

"Intelligent decision making systems and applied aspects of information technologies" (Yevpatoria, 2005, 2006); International conferences and seminars on inductive modeling (Kyiv, 2005, 2008; Prague, 2007); The 3rd International Conferences on Technical and Physical Problems in Power Engineering (Ankara, Turkey, 2006) and many others.

General amount of publications: 23, including 7 in professional scientific publishing houses.

List of the most essential publications

  1. Stepashko V. S. On the Effectiveness of Recurrent Methods of Parameter Estimation in Macromodeling Problems / V.S. Stepashko, S.M. Yefimenko // Proceedings of V International Workshop "Computational Problems of Electrical Engineering", Jazleevets, Ukraine, August 26-29, 2003. - P.106-107.
  2. Nizamov T.I. Hydro-acoustic monitoring of water environment / T.I. Nizamov, S.R. Ibrahimova, R.K. Quluzade, A.I. Isayev, V.S. Stepashko, S.N. Yefimenko // Proceedings of Third International Conference on Technical and Physical Problems in Power Engineering, Ankara, Turkey, May 29-31, 2006. - P.1108-1110.
  3. Yefimenko S.M. Computer tests as an instrument for effectiveness investigation of modeling algorithms / S.M. Yefimenko, V.S. Stepashko // Proceedings of International Workshop of Inductive Modelling (IWIM'2007).- Prague: Czech Technical University in Prague, 2007.- P. 123 - 127.

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