Alexey Grigorievich Ivakhnenko

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Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine A.G.Ivakhnenko is an outstanding scientist in the field of automatic control, cybernetics and informatics, whose scientific results have received a worldwide recognition. He published about 40 monographs and more than 400 scientific articles, many of which, and first of all books, have been translated in English, German, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian and Chinese languages. Large amount of his articles has been published in scientific periodicals of USA, England, Germany, and other countries.

A.G.Ivakhnenko has developed new principles and devices for automatic control of electric engines speed and designing systems with magnetic amplifiers. His achievements in the invariance theory and in the theory of combined systems of automatic control based on the principle of compensation of measured disturbances are universally recognized. He has published the first domestic monograph on technical cybernetics which was republished abroad several times. The further development of principles of combined control in O.H.Ivakhnenko's works is connected with the use of principles, devices and ways of self-tuning, self-training, pattern recognition and forecasting in control systems. In 1961 he has been elected as a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In last 45 years, the main brainchild of A.G.Ivakhnenko, the Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH), is actively developing as a method of inductive modelling and forecasting of complex processes and systems.The world-level of achievements in this area is confirmed by the fact that the abbreviation GMDH has became conventional in the scientific literature. In the United States, Germany, Japan, China, the Czech Republic and others countries their own schools have formed for the development and application of GMDH. In 1984, the collective monograph of American and Japanese scientists was published in USAwas published in USA with the delineation and examples of effective application of GMDH in various applied. Photo O.G.IvakhnenkoDozens of publications on the subject of GMDH appear each year in scientific journals of the world, and the Internet sources www.gmdh.net, www.mgua.irtc.org.ua, www.knowledgeminer.net in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages are actively visited every day.

Current scientific proof of global authority of A.G.Ivakhnenko' school is holding, since 2002, the annual English-language international conferences and workshops on inductive modelling dedicated to the theory, methodology and applications of GMDH taking place both in Ukraine and abroad.

The scientific school of A.G.Ivakhnenko serves for a long time as an authoritative and productive smithy of highly skilled scientific staff: under his supervision, near 200 candidate dissertations were carried out and suc-cessfully defended and almost 30 of his disciples have defended doctoral dissertations and created their own scientific schools.

A.G.Ivakhnenko for his outstanding scientific achievements was awarded to the title of the Honoured Scientist of Ukraine, the "Friendship of the nations" order and medals, the State premiums of Ukraine for works in the field of the invariance theory of automatic systems (1991) and the series of works on information technologies in the field of artificial intelligence (1997). In 2003, he has been elected as an Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

A.G.Ivakhnenko serves as an example of the scientist with a heightened sense of novelty and outstanding scientific intuition and original scientific ideas, unrivalled ability to work tirelessly and generate generously the original research ideas and results.


Main Books:

  1. Ivakhnenko A.G. Method of group accounting of arguments - competitor to the method of stochastic approximation // Avtomatika. - 1968. - № 3. - P. 58-72. (In Ukrainian.)
  2. Ivakhnenko A.G. Systems of heuristic self-organization in technical cybernetics. - Kiev: «Tekhnika», 1971. - 392 p. (In Russian.)
  3. Ivakhnenko A.G. Long-term forecasting and control of complex systems. - Kiev: «Tehnika», 1975. - 311 p. (In Russian.)
  4. Ivakhnenko A.G. Inductive method of self-organization of models of the complex systems. - Kiev: «Sciences. thinking», 1982. - 296 p. (In Russian.)
  5. Ivakhnenko A.G., Stepashko V.S. Noise-immunity of modeling. - Kiev: «Naukova dumka», 1985. - 216 p. (In Russian.)
  6. Ivakhnenko A.G., Yurachkovsky Yu.P. Modeling of complex systems from experimental data. - Moscow: "Radio i svyaz", 1987. - 120 p. (In Russian.)
  7. Ivachnenko A.G., Mueller J.A. Selbstorganisation von vorhersagemodellen. - Berlin: Veb Verlag Technik, 1984. - 223 p. (In German.)
  8. Madala H.R., Ivakhnenko A.G. Inductive learning algorithms for complex systems modeling. - London, Tokyo: CRC Press, 1994.

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