Collection of research papers
"Inductive modeling of complex systems"

Collection of research papers takes up a wide range of theoretical problems, information technologies and application of inductive approach based, first of all, on the group method of data handling. It concentrates on the modeling, forecasting and decision making problems in branches of economics, ecology, biology, engineering and so on.

Data mining methods, inductive methods, used to build models for classification, clasterization, pattern recognition, structural-parametric identification, data analysis and data processing in uncertainty and incompleteness of a priori information are in focus.

Founder: International research and traning center of intormation technologies and systems of NAS and MES of Ukraine
Foundation year: 2009
Licence: KV #16216-4688P, 21.12.2009.
Registration in GCC of Ukrane: Order of MES #528, 12.05.2015.
Specialization of GCC: technical sciences
Chief editor: d.t.s., prof. Stepashko Volodymyr Semenovych
Editorial staff:
  • Biduk P. I. (d.t.s.)
  • Dyvak M. P. (d.t.s.)
  • Zaichenko Y. P. (d.t.s.)
  • Pavlov V. V. (d.t.s.)
  • Timashova L. A. (d.t.s.)
  • Tomashevskiy V. M. (d.t.s.)
  • Fainzilberg L. S. (d.t.s.)
  • Tsukanov A. V. (d.t.s.)
  • Shlesinger M. I. (d.ph-m.s.)

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