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IWIM 2016 cover
Bulgakova O. Adaptive Web-Interfaces Conception Based on Inductive Approach
Moroz O. Effectiveness of Mutation Operators in the Genetic Search for Optimal Model in a Sorting-Out GMDH Algorithm
Osypenko V., Osypenko V., Lytvynenko V. To the Issue of Econometric Modeling in Fish-Farming Technologies
Pidnebesna H., Kureyshevych A. Application of GMDH for Modelling of Influence of Different Factors on Chlorophyll Concentration in Phytoplankton in Kakhovka Reservoir
Revunova E. Study of the Deterministic Component of the Solution Error of Discrete Ill-Posed Problems for Truncated Singular Value Decomposition and Random Projection Method
Savchenko E., Tutova O. The Methods of Human Development Index Data Analysis and Modeling
Stepashko P., Stepashko V. On Stepwise Estimation of Parameters of the Nonlinear Solow Model of Economic Dynamics
Tokova O., Savchenko E. Development of Information Technology for Solution of Casting Production Monitoring Tasks
Vissikirsky V. Qualitative Approach to Environmental Modeling Based on GMDH Models
Yefimenko S. Dynamics Modeling of Multidimensional Interrelated Processes
Zosimov V. The Significant Features for Search Engines Ranking Results