1. Volodymyr Stepashko Ideas of Academician O.H.Ivakhnenko in Inductive Modelling Field from Historical Perspective
    2. Karl Mosler Central Regions and Data Depth in Nonparametric Modeling
    3. Tatjana Lange Penalty, Metric and Validation Three Aspects of Classifying Selection Criteria for the Reconstruction of Dependencies from Empirical Data
    4. Michail Schlesinger, Evgeniy Vodolazskiy Nearly Optimal Statistical Recognition and Learning
    5. Marcel Jirina, Marcel Jirina jr Heteroscedacity Elimination and Genetic Selection in GMDH
    6. Yevgeniy Bodyanskiy, Olena Vynokurova, Artem Dolotov, Olena Kharchenko Wavelet-Neuro-Fuzzy-Network with Flexible Activation-Membership Functions for Solving Forecasting Tasks

    1. Tadeusz Kaczorek Application of the Shuffle Algorithm to Analysis of Descriptor Fractional Continuous-Time Linear Systems with Singular Pencils
    2. Tatjana Lange, Karl Mosler, Pavlo Mozharovskyi Efficient Supervised Learning wth the DDalpha-classifier
    3. Andriy Pavlov Generalized Relaxational-Iterative Algorithm of GMDH and its Analysis
    4. Alexandr Sarychev System Regularity Criterion of Group Method of Data Handling
    5. Alexandr Sarychev, Lyudmyla Sarycheva GMDH-Based Criterions for Optimal Set Features Determination in Discriminant Analysis
    6. Volodymyr Stepashko, Oleksandra Bulgakova Generalized Iterative Algorithm GIA GMDH
    7. Alexander Tsukanov Sequential Procedure for Design of Experiment and Selection of Regression Models

    1. Tetiana Aksenova Brain Computer Interface – a New Challenge for Application of Inductive Modeling
    2. Anatoliy Andrakhanov Navigation of Autonomous Mobile Robot in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Environments on Basis of GMDH Neural Networks
    3. Olexandr Balabanov On Perspectives of Causal Networks Reconstruction by Independence-Based Methods
    4. Miroslav Cepek, Miroslav Snorek Inductive Preprocessing Technique for Knowledge Discovery Demonstrations on RealWorlds Datasets
    5. Valery Dmitrienko, Inna Khavina, Aleksandr Zakovorotnij Implementation of Algorithm Models for Self-Organization Mathimatical Models with Quantum Neural Networks
    6. Yuriy Dzyadyk :-P Measure and Portrait of National Mentality
    7. Ivan Karlov, Vladimir Koshur Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Hybrid Method for Estimating Missing Values
    8. Svitlana Krepych, Mykola Dyvak, Petro Stakhiv Comparative Analysis of the Monte-Carlo Method and the Confidence Ellipsoids for Solving Task of REC Reliability Evaluation
    9. Frank Lemke Self-organising Modelling for Decision Support
    10. Volodymyr Lytvynenko Hybrid GMDH Cooperative Immune Network for Time Series Forecasting
    11. Vladimir Martyanov, Alexey Polovinkin, Eugene Tuv Feature Learning for Image Classification with Code Book Based on Decision Tree Ensembles
    12. Andrey Orlov Non-Stationary Time Series Forecasting on Basis of Analysis and Prediction of Forecasting Models Efficiency
    13. Volodymyr Osypenko Inductive Method of System-Information-Analytical Research as an Intelligent Information Technology of Complex Systems Investigations
    14. Elena Revunova Randomization Approach to the Recovery of Signals Resulted from Indirect Measurements
    15. Oleh Semeniv Nonlinear Models Identification for Space Weather Prediction with Inductive Modelling
    16. Victor Sineglazov, Elena Chumachenko, Vladyslav Gorbatiuk Applying Different Neural Network's Topologies to the Forecasting Task
    17. Dmytro V. Stefanyshyn A Method of Forecasting of Indexes of Dynamic System that Evolves Slowly, Based on Time Series Analysis
    18. Volodymyr Stepashko, Galyna Pidnebesna Generalized Multifunctional Modules Concept for Construction of Inductive Modeling Tools
    19. Serhiy Yefimenko Comparative Effectiveness of Parallel and Recurrent Calculations in Combinatorial Algorithms of Inductive Modelling
    20. Viacheslav Zosimov Usage the Operating Systems Multitasking for Organization Multi-Access to Complex Systems Modeling Computing System

    1. Mikhail Alexandrov, Vera Danilova, Oleksiy Koshulko, Javier Tejada Classifiers for Opinion Mining of Peruvian Facebook (GMDH Shell application)
    2. Viktor Artemenko Modelling of Learning Analysts in e-Learning
    3. Vitalii Bulakh, Lyudmila Perep'olkina, Olga Sinelnikova Models and Estimation Methods for the City in the Real Estate Market
    4. Oleksandra Bulgakova Modeling the Ukraine Black Sea Economic Region GRP as Dependent from Socio-Economic Indicators
    5. Timur Garaev, Mikhail Alexandrov, Alexey Koshulko Text Classifier as a Tool for Short-Term Forecast of Currency Rates (GMDH Shell Application)
    6. Serhiy Golub, Natalia Hymytcha The Search of Messages of Given Contents
    7. Natalie Guk, Natalie Obodan Inverse Problem of Identification of the Thin-walled System
    8. Olga Kaurova, Mikhail Alexandrov, Oleksiy Koshulko Classifiers of Medical Records Presented in Free Text Form (GMDH Shell Application)
    9. Pavlo Kovalchuk, Andriy Gerus, Volodymyr Kovalchuk Perceptron Model of System Environmental Assessment of Water Quality in River Basins
    10. Michael Mysyk Inductively Generated Models for Transfer Lines Equipment Rated Capacity Sequence Optimization
    11. Alexei Ostrovski Using HMM Compositions to Determine Gene Fragments
    12. Natalia Pasichnyk, Mykola Dyvak Mathematical Model of the Website’s Pages Visibility Dynamics
    13. Andriy Pavlov, Nina Kondrashova Application of Generalized Relaxational-Iterative Algorithm for Solving the “Space Weather” Forecast Problem
    14. Marina Potanina Identification of Predictive Models for the Management of Urban Passenger Transport with Multicollinearity Input Data
    15. Oleksandr Samoilenko Combinatorial GMDH Algorithm Application to Predict the Dynamic of Demographic Characteristics in Ukraine
    16. Ievgenia Savchenko, Olena Kravchenko Analysis of Methods and Tools of Inductive Modeling Physical and Technological Processes
    17. Pavlo Stepashko A Survey of Current Approaches to Handwriting Recognition
    18. Volodymyr Stepashko, Oleksandr Samoilenko, Roman Voloschuk Informational Support of Managerial Decisions in the Economic Safety Area
    19. Liana Timashova, Inessa Skachko Solving Securities Portfolio Optimization Problem in the Stock Market with the Help of the Fuzzy Group Method of Data Handling
    20. Olena Tutova, Ievgenia Savchenko Modeling of Impact of Macroeconomic Indicators on the Growth of National Income
    21. Vitaliy Yakovyna Influence of RBF Neural Network Input Layer Parameters on Software Reliability Prediction
    22. Dmytro Zubov Average Daily Air Temperature’s Long-Range Forecast Using Inductive Modelling and Satellite Datasets